Hit/Myth | Workers' Compensation

This demo uses the Hit/Myth learning method recommended in Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps book Telling Ain't Training. After discussing a potential project with a new client regarding Workers' Compensation, we thought that would be a great topic to practice our skills on before we had our first official kick-off call. 

This is a great learning activity to use as an introduction to a larger course or as a microlearning piece as a quick learning experience. Many topics in the workplace have myths and facts that can be easily adapted to this format, and it provides an excellent learning opportunity based on solid learning theory.

Please note: This learning activity was not created in conjunction with the above-mentioned project or using any client-provided content or information. It was created for personal use only using content from Pain and Spine Rehab.

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Microlearning | Heat Illness

This microlearning example was created using 7taps. We had recently completed a Heat Illness course for a client and thought it would be a great topic to use as a microlearning example.

Microlearning is a great opportunity to provide learners with quick reinforcement activities, so we created this example as a refresher to be sent out whenever temperatures were expected to rise. It is specifically formatted for use on a mobile device so that learners can access it quickly and easily wherever they're working.

Please note: This learning activity was inspired by, but not created in conjunction with, the above-mentioned course. It was created as a personal learning opportunity only.

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LinkedIn Carousel | Learning Styles

Learning can happen in a variety of settings - even social media! There's a lot of debate about learning styles and learning preferences, but what does the data really say? We created this quick learning activity to be shared as a LinkedIn Carousel and to answer that very question! Short activities like this are great to share quick facts, refreshers, or tips with your employees on company intranets or online communities.

Microlearning | Is it effective?

Articulate Rise just released a new microlearning feature! To test it out, we recreated a microlearning course we created in another tool to see how it would look and feel in Articulate Rise. We think it turned out great! Plus, this is a great study to share with business partners who may be considering whether microlearning is really effective or not. Not sure? Check out this demo to see what the research shows!

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