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When I first started freelancing, I went under the name "Millennial ID." I was like a caterpillar, learning about the new world of being a freelancer, how to work independently, find projects, and build a clientele. At that time, to me, being a millennial was all about taking advantage of what technology had to offer. I was fascinated with how rapidly eLearning was emerging and developing and all of the new tools that were available. I felt it described what I had to offer clients and the work I provided.

But a metamorphosis was taking place, not only for myself, but around me as well. I soon noticed that the term "millennial" was taking on a negative term. The New York Times noted that we were viewed as “narcissistic, lazy, and indecisive." I didn't want to be associated with that, so I became a chrysalis. I changed my freelancing name to "Christina's Learning." It fit well and I liked that it meant I not only provided learning services but was also learning myself at the same time.

A butterfly emerges

As time went on and my clientele grew, projects stacked up and I needed help. It was time to spread my wings and evolve once more. I began training my husband on how to develop courses, and with him now on the team, we thought...we can't be called "Christina's Learning" anymore. We decided it was time to change our name again. We wanted something short, simple, and unique, and that accurately described who we were. We came up with the name Loyto Learning.

Over the years I've learned this isn't as simple a name as we thought it was. I cringe every time I hear a client try to pronounce it. Despite the simple spelling, we often get "lotto," loyoto," even "lottery." Our own parents still struggle with the name, ten years later. If I could go back in time, I would have consulted others more before filing all the paperwork. We've thought about changing it, but it's been so long that it's well established for us. And we still think it fits perfectly.

Loyto is a Finnish word. It means "to discover" or "to find." It perfectly describes the type of learning we want to create and provide for our customers. We don't believe in simply presenting information, but in guiding learners through the process of discovering and finding out more.

Loyto Learning: A new blog

Loyto Learning is also a great title for our new blog. We hope to be able to share some insights with you here that will help you discover more about the world of learning, development, and professional growth. We plan to share tips and tricks, motivational and inspirational thoughts, interesting research and statistics, and direct you to others we look up to in the learning field.

We hope you enjoy what you find here, and that we're able to help you along on a path of learning and discovery!

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