Thirty Seconds or Less

This week's Articulate eLearning challenge was to record an audio podcast answering the following 10 interview questions. I had a lot of fun doing this! I haven't used my microphone in a while, so after tearing apart the office to find it (I'd reorganized about a month ago and couldn't remember where it was), I finally sat down to record these responses.

But first, I wanted to build a little sound booth for myself. Somehow I had recently stumbled upon these DIY sound booths and I really wanted to make one. So on a whim, I decided to do so tonight. I didn't follow the tutorial below, but it did serve as inspiration for the one I threw together in about 20 minutes. I literally just cut some holes in a box to stick my microphone through, stuffed it with an old blanket, stapled the blanket to the box and voila. I think it worked out great, but it's not very presentable looking, so you don't get to see a picture. I may follow this tutorial in the future when I have more time ;)

The questions to the audio interview included the following:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and the types of e-learning projects you most enjoy.

  2. How did you become an e-learning or instructional designer?

  3. What are the essentials of good e-learning design?

  4. Tell me about your most successful e-learning project.

  5. What are the most important criteria in evaluating e-learning?

  6. What are some common mistakes new course designers make and how can they avoid them?

  7. How is designing mobile learning different than designing for the desktop?

  8. How do you evaluate whether your course was effective?

  9. How do you keep up your skills and stay current in the industry?

  10. What is the future of e-learning?

To keep it short and fast-paced for you, I attempted to answer each question in thirty seconds or less, although I did go over by just one second on the last one. It's actually harder then it sounds! I did many retakes to take out the fluff and keep it down to the bare bones for you. But hopefully this gives you a nice introduction.

Check out my responses below if you'd like to hear them!