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How to Revamp Your Training

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Are your employees sitting through hours of eLearning courses? Are they inundated with long courses and struggling to apply what they learn? What can you do to revamp your courses into something more engaging and practical? Here are six simple steps to revamp your training.


Step 1: Isolate it

Chances are the courses your employees go through have at LEAST three or so learning objectives. Isolate each objective and continue on to Step #2.

Step 2: Present it

Create a short presentation for the objective, giving your employees what they need to know about the topic. This could be a lecturer-type video with an expert discussing the topic, a TikTok type video with someone in the role explaining the topic, or a basic animated eLearning with a few simple interactions. If you're having trouble keeping the presentation short, provide extra resources that your employees can access on their own, such as job aids, policies, books, other videos, etc. The key here is to keep it short and concise.

Step 3: Analyze it

Next, get your employees to THINK about what they just learned. Provide a written guide or worksheet with questions prompting them to respond, such as: What experiences have they had with this topic before? What challenges have they run into? How can they apply what they learned in the presentation? What questions do they have about it? Help your employees see how they can use this information and why it's important for them.

Step 4: Try it

Now, get your employees to try it out and practice what they learned. This could be through a variety of solutions - it could be something as simple as a quiz to gauge their learning, a short eLearning simulation to try out different solutions and see the consequences, or a guided on-the-job activity (either by themselves, with a peer, or trainer). Remember, keep it simple and related to just one objective.

Step 5: Talk about it

Now it's time to get your employees talking about it. This helps them reinforce the experience, provides an opportunity to learn from others, and really makes it stick. Send out emails with questions that your employees can use to start conversations with others. Create an online discussion board where they can post their thoughts and ideas. Get everyone into a group chat, a quick Zoom or Teams meeting, or even a brief conference call to talk about their experiences. Whatever the format, give your employees prompts so they know what to discuss.

Step 6: Repeat it

Finally, repeat the process with the remaining learning objectives.

These six steps are a great way to revamp your current courses, engage your employees, and create practical training that they can apply on the job. And because everything is provided in short pieces, it easily fits into their busy work schedules.


Do you need help revamping your training? Contact us today to talk about how to apply these six steps in your organization. We can help you create a roadmap to success, identifying your learning objectives and creating custom solutions for each step of the way.

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