Animated Buttons in Storyline

I love button animations. Whenever I come across one on a website, I spend a good few minutes rolling over the button multiple times just to watch it do it's magic. It gives me such a sense of satisfaction to be able to manipulate the screen just by rolling my mouse over it.

I've put animations on buttons before in Storyline, but nothing more than just a simple fade in. This week's eLearning Heroes Challenge really gave a nice idea on how these can be more fully incorporated into courses to give a nice clean, sophisticated look to a course.

Download the Storyline file | View the demo | Watch the tutorial

To play around with this idea, I put together this course icon set that includes commonly used icons/buttons that you may have in your course. Each button features a simple circular fade in/fade out on the hover state. Click the image below to check it out!

Download the Storyline file | View the demo | Watch the tutorial

Feel free to use these buttons in your own courses. All icons are from I have a subscription so can use them without providing a credit. If you use these icons in your own courses, please be sure to credit flaticon as outlined on their site. I've also included a video sharing ideas on how these buttons might be used and how to edit them.