A Course Built Just for Millennials

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Check out this course I created in 2016 in Storyline 1. Even though it's almost 4 years old now, it still has some really cool features!


Tools used: Storyline 1

Audience: Young millennials who are always on their phones

Goal: Create a course that appeals to these young learners and mimics the experience they would have on their phones

Course Background: This is actually a quiz taken at the end of a curriculum to "certify" the learner in their role. The curriculum consists of eLearning and on-the-job training. The client wanted this to be a fun end to the learning experience.

The Solution

The landing screen

I love this landing screen because it's so simple and intuitive. There is audio providing brief instructions, but if you don't have your volume turned up, you can still figure out exactly what to do. Entering their name allows us to personalize the course for the learner, so you'll see the name used throughout. By viewing the proprietary statement, they "unlock" the course so they can begin.

The menu

The menu was made to mimic the layout of the To-Do list on the iPhone. The learner is able to complete the course in whatever order they choose. The menu lets them know which sections they passed and which they failed. The instructions in the top left show the learner how to complete each section of the course.

Twitter Interaction

Two of the four quiz sections were made to mimic the use of Twitter. Some important features of this section include:

  • The use of javascript to pull in the current date and time on the tweet

  • The counter in the top right letting the learner know what question they're on and how many remain

  • The voice of the course is written in a manner that appeals to the learner, using hip language and hashtags

  • The quiz response questions are provided as a "Compose new tweet"

  • The question feedback is provided as a "Response to your tweet"

Text Messaging Interaction

The remaining two quiz sections were made to mimic the use of Twitter. Some important features of this section include:

  • The learner's name is shown at the top for personalization

  • The use of javascript to pull in the time stamp for the text message

  • The question is texted to the learner on the left

  • The learner replies to the question by selecting their answer on the right

  • The response to the question is texted back to the learner for feedback

  • The subtle sound effects in this section mimic the actions of sending and receiving text messages

Overall Result

This course did a great job at mimicking the social media apps young learners are used to using on a regular, every day basis. The intuitive nature and appealing images and graphics added to the overall learning experience, making it a fun end to a large curriculum. The client was extremely pleased with the result as it reflected well their brand image and who they are as a company.