A Course Refresh

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Sometimes your content is great, but it needs a bit of finesse to really make an impact.


Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 3, YouTube

Goal: The client's course was outdated and had a passive approach, where the learner viewed a dialogue between two employees, but didn't interact at all. The client wanted to update the look and feel of the course and focus more on "doing."

The Solution

The client's content was great. It just needed a little finessing to really make an impact for the learner. I reworked the client's content to make the learner more of an active participant, getting them engaged and involved in the learning process, and allowing them the opportunity to reflect and apply the content.

Applying Gagne's Nine Steps of Instruction, I gained the learner's attention by starting the course of with a short, funny video highlighting the differences between being organized and not.

I then made it relevant for the learner, and asked them to identify how organized they view themselves. Personalized feedback was provided, and this rating was pulled in throughout the course to guide how many and what tips were provided.

Here's an example of that personalization being pulled in. This learner said they were "Somewhat organized" so they received specific key tips. If the learner had said they were "Very organized," they would have received less tips. If they said they were "Not organized," they would have received even more tips.

To apply the knowledge learned in the course, learner's were presented with common scenarios they would encounter on the job. This made the content more relevant and helped them identify why it mattered and how they could use it.

The learner was then asked questions based on the scenario to really hone in and apply what they learned.

The Result

This course received a much-needed face lift. It had an outdated look, which instantly turned the learners off. But even more importantly, it needed to rework the content. The passive approach in the previous course was boring and un-engaging, making for a forgetful learning experience. By switching the focus on the learning to doing rather than observing, the learner was able to get involved and apply the knowledge. This made for a much more impactful learning experience.