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6 Common eLearning Topics in Today's Workplace

Are you thinking about deploying an eLearning course to your employees, but aren't quite sure if it would work given your content? What kind of eLearning courses are out there in the workplace? The short answer is: all kinds! But here are six common course topics that you are able to find in many workplaces today.


New Hire Orientation
This is one of the most common types of eLearning. New employees need to be introduced to your company quickly, and the content they need to know often does not change. Providing this information as eLearning is a cost-effective way to deploy the same information to employees when they need it. No more weekly sessions of the same content. Just create the course once, and your new employees can utilize it when needed.


Safety, Anti-Harassment and Compliance Training

These courses are often required by law, and many times need to be taken on an annual basis. Having a go-to course that employees can take as needed is a simple solution. Think it's too boring of a topic? Don't worry, eLearning providers are able to utilize a number of creative and engaging techniques to ensure that your employees don't fall asleep at the computer.


Management Training

Performance Reviews, Coaching and Feedback are great topics for eLearning. Your company probably has a standard process and recommended technique that your employees can practice throughout the course. Scenario-based learning is a great option to make sure the content is relevant, usable and engaging.


Product Training

New products are released all the time, and it can be difficult to get all of your employees up to speed before the product launch, especially if your employees are in different locations. Sending a user manual is not always an effective method. But creating an online course is a cost-effective and timely solution that can quickly be deployed to employees whenever you're ready to launch that new product.


Sales Training

eLearning allows you to introduce employees to your sales process and practice using their sales techniques in scenario based learning. Many companies create one standard sales training course outlining their standard process and method, and then shorter modules for each specific product the company offers. These courses can even include information on handling different types of customers and overcoming objections.


Technology Training

Does your company have a in-house program that employees need to know how to use? eLearning is a great way to train employees on these unique systems. eLearning providers are even able to create scenarios allowing your employees to explore the program and practice using it.


This is a just a short list of some of the most common eLearning topics out there. But the truth is, virtually any type of content can be presented online. It's just a matter of portraying the content in the right manner so that course is relevant, practical and engaging.

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