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3 Simple Techniques to Gamify Your Course

"Gamification" has been a buzzword in the eLearning industry for quite awhile now. But what is it, why should you do it and how can you apply it to your courses?

What is gamification?

Gamification is simply adding gaming components to your eLearning courses. What do you think of when you imagine games? Fast paced scenarios, points, rewards, consequences of your actions. Add these elements to your eLearning courses and you've just created an exciting new environment for your leaners!

Why should I gamify my courses?

Gaming components not only attract and engage learners, but also aid in memory and learner retention, which is what we're achieve in eLearning! 

How can I gamify my course?

Many shy away from gamifying their courses because they feel it sounds too complicated and complex, but it's actually quite simple! Here are three gaming elements you can add right now to your courses:

  1. Points: Most courses have quizzes. Simply turn on the scoring functionality and use a variable to display that score on the screen - AS the learner is completing questions. This let's them know how they're doing and motivates them to continue.
  2. Rewards: Do something with that score. Did they score low? That's ok - reward them with a "beginner" badge. Did they ace the test? Don't just tell them they got 100% - give them an "Expert" badge! Link their points to something more meaningful and give them a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Progress: Let your learner know how they're progressing. This can be as simple as adding a progress bar along the top, or a map screen that visually represents them getting closer to their goal.


  • Gamifying doesn't necessarily mean turning your entire course into a game. Simply add a few key elements from games that will motivate and engage your learner, and you will reap the benefits of gamification!
  • Keep it professional. Anything but will discourage and demoralize your adult learners. Remember your audience and respect their authority and expertise.
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