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2016’s Best New Resources

for Instructional Designers

Recently, Webdesigner Depot posted a great article with the 50+ best of “what’s new for designers” 2016. This post includes some great resources specifically aimed for web designers, but let’s be honest, a lot of these are great for Instructional Designers as well.

I spent some time reviewing these resources and here are the ones I look forward to playing around with!

Find some design inspiration


Theme.Cards is a collection of the best free themes out there. There are collections of blog templates, landing pages, one page apps, Bootstrap themes, WordPress themes, and more.


LOLColors offers curated color palette inspiration. Browse by latest or most popular.


Colicious is a great tool for finding colors to use on your next project. Just hit the space bar or click the screen to get a new color.


Nicely Done is a gallery of digital product inspiration. View by most popular, or by tags and categories.

COLORDROP.IO is a great source for finding the best color palettes. Click on any palette to see the HEX and RGB values for each color.


Sans Francisco is a collection of tools to help designers create better experiences. It includes tools for user research, typography, color palettes, iconography, stock photos, inspiration, prototyping, and more.


UI Temple is a curated collection of website designs to inspire you. Sort by industry, page type, color, and more.

Source images and icons


365cons is a daily icon diary created by Amy Devereux. Icons are designed in a variety of styles, making it a great source of icon inspiration.


Maki is a set of icons for map designers. It includes 114 icons for things like parks, museums, and places of worship.


Diverse UI is a collection of free stock photos of people from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds to bring some diversity to your designs.


Hero Patterns is a collection of repeatable SVG patterns for backgrounds on your digital projects. Select foreground and background colors prior to downloading.

Build your portfolio


Dorkoy is a drag and drop website builder that lets you create an unlimited number of websites for one yearly license fee. It offers more than 100 different kinds of content blocks, email support, and more.


Hugo is an easy to use static website engine that aims to make website creation simple again. It’s great for blogs, docs, portfolios, and more.

Manage your work


Proud is a time management app (iOS and Mac) made just for busy people. It acts like an external brain for your ideas and thoughts to help you remember what’s important.


Slaask is a customer service app for Slack that lets you bring all of your client and team communication together in one place.


ZBS CRM is a customer relationship manager that uses WordPress. It’s completely free, with no recurring subscription costs.

MOO.DO is a task manager for Gmail. It interfaces with tasks, email, documents, calendar, projects, and contacts.

Some other helpful resources


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Want to increase your knowledge of the design world in quick, easy to absorb bites? Design Facts gives you quick bits of information about the world and history of design.

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